illustration of Keum logo construction.

Keum Art Projects

A platform for innovative art and design.

They work all over Germany from Berlin to promote a lasting cultural exchange and initiate collaborations between Artists, and collectors .

The Identity

We created a system based on a thorough analysis of their content to redesign Keum Art Projects graphic identity and website. Their new logo has a flexible system which can be playful, frame content, or act as a formal representation. The name is actually written twice, once in Korean and then in latin letters. We use the Korean sign as graphical elements as it is only constrained by a vertical direction.

illustration of Keum logo construction.

The latin version of the Keum logo is set in lowercase Futura for maximum form and personality. To get a better harmony we lowered the hight of the "k".

The full keum logo with its grid

The full logo is built on a grid based on the weight of the latin letters.

keum logo red and black

The main colour for Keum is black and as a secondary colour we chose a CMYK red which is inspired by asian printmaking tradition for family seals.

illustration of the logos flexibility

The Korean elements can be used in many ways with the logo depending on format and other content.

Roboto Bold and Regular typography

We chose Roboto Bold for headlines and Regular for text to be used for print and website.

The Website

When designing and developing their website we carefully considered their content to construct a lasting structure and user interface, making it work in a responsive way. We simplified the structure and design of the website to be unobtrusive to its content, giving it a "white-cube" approach similar to a physical gallery. This makes it flexible for future content and timeless in design, where the content of Keum's projects can take center stage and the identity and web design second.

Desktop Version

Screen grab of Keum art project desktop version

Desktop version of the Keum Art Projects website showing a project.

Tablet Version

Screen grab of Keum art project ipad version

iPad version

Mobile Version

Screen grab of Keum art project iphone version

iPhone version

Printed Material

We designed a letterhead and two different business cards; one with embossed logo, a DIN A5 as well as a DIN long postcard that could be used at events for notes and flyers.

minimal graphic design Business card, Postcard and brief paper for Keum Art Projects

We designed a business card in two versions; postcard and letterhead, each with a playful variation of the identity

Red and black minimal graphic design business card, postcard and brief paper designed for Keum Art Projects

The letterhead was printed in red in offset and black for desktop printer. The postcards were printed in two colours and the business cards in two variations: formal and playful.

Brand Guide

We printed a 20 page Brand Manual on beautiful Munchen paper and handed it over as a part of the service showing all the variations of the logo, and how it should be used with other elements and in different settings.

cover of Brand manual for Keum Art Projects

The cover of the brand manual

Inside of Brand manual for Keum Art Projects logo construction

A page from the brand manual showing the translation and evolution of the logo from latin letters to Korean.

the Keum logo in different sizes in a foto from the brand manual

The formal logo in different sizes to show the minimum size and its readability limit.

Services Delivered
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Exhibition Materials
Art direction